The BLIPS Service - Everything in one place

The BLIPS Service - Clinical IT that is All-Inclusive!

BLIPS™ is a complete Clinical Assessment Service, providing not just Software, but also Hardware, Database,  Training and Support and for clinical trials Data Monitoring, Data Cleansing and Clincal Adjudication services. The BLIPS System provides all the clinical assessments you need to monitor your patients utilising the various BLIPS software modules which are delivered to your internet browser instantly. The data is collected collected via any internet browser, and is transferred with a single click of the mouse to the BLIPS database located centrally on a BLIPS-dedicated server. There, the data is instantly scored and automatically quality checked for potential discrepancies. The the scores are instantly available at the site, and within a few seconds reports are available to the study team in your department or globally in a clincal trial. The entire system is designed, built, maintained, managed and supported by ADS-Limathon. Our customers say that it's almost like having their own personal IT team dedicated to their study.

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1. BLIPS Hardware

BLIPS Hardware

Theres no need to wait for your IT Infrastructure department to procure a new server, or find an old server for BLIPS to co-habit. Theres no fear that our software will need a different version of Windows Server, it doesn't need building, it doesnt need configuring, benchmarking or optimising, or testing. Its not going to conflict with other applications. It wont stop working when your IT department upgrade desktops or servers. ADS-Limathon have this all taken care of everything beyond your internet browser.  BLIPS is our business, so the hardware is optimised to provide performance where it is needed, whilst storing your data securely and resilliently on dedicated servers, not in the 'cloud'. We provide, configure, manage and maintain all of the hardware, and its all included in the price.


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2. BLIPS Environment

BLIPS Environment


Our servers are segregated into virtual machines(VM). Each VM has its own Windows environment, underpinning one or more BLIPS environments.  Depending on your capacity requirements and budget, you may opt to use either

(i) a shared environment,(eg for an individual site) or

(ii) a dedicated environment  on a shared VM, (for user group or phase l or ll study) or

(iii) a dedicated environment on a dedicated VM. (for large phase lll or lV studies).  

Each BLIPS environment has its own instance of BLIPS Software connected to its own BLIPS Database. ADS-Limathon provide, maintain, manage and support every BLIPS environment - its all part of the BLIPS Service!


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3. BLIPS Software

BLIPS Software


BLIPS has iteritively evolved since 1996 from a single user desktop system, to today's  i-BLIPS system, featuring hosted internet capability.

To design BLIPS, 8 we went back to the drawing board - we de-constrcted all the existing functionality, added in new functionality, then grouped the functions by user role. Then the whole system was recoded in HTML5, giving it maximum browser compatibility, while future-proofing against iminent browser plug-in obsolence. We developed a modular BLIPS system where each module was aligned with the different roles of BLIPS users, thus simplifying the complexity of the system for all users. All our software is located on our servers and accesed via your internet browser with a personal log-in. In twenty years of BLIPS, we have never charged a user for an upgrade to a new version. Its all part of the service!


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3. BLIPS Database

BLIPS Database


Each BLIPS environment has its own individual BLIPS Software connected to its own BLIPS Database. Though located at a secure data warehouse, the database is built and maintained by ADS-Limathon. The database has been refined and optimised for using with BLIPS, and the hardware is optimised to provide the necessary sytem resources. The database is built using Oracle MySQL, though the option to use MS SQL Server will be available shortly. All user access to the database is through the secure BLIPS 8™ graphic user interface, using your own account. Each account is encoded with the appropriate permissions for the user role, to allow access as read-only, or to enter, edit, delete and extract data. BLIPS databases, are configured and built by ADS-Limathon for each new environment. User access is managed by ourselves too - its all part of the BLIPS Service!



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3. BLIPS Training

BLIPS Training


We recognise that it can often be difficult to request clinicians to undergo 'training'. These people are genuine experts in their field and may even have been using the assessments, or even the BLIPS software for years. However, the object of the training is not necessarilly to increase their learning, but to standardise their understandings and processes. Many Lupus Assessments have specific nuances, which can be addressed in different ways, others have been changed over the years and multiple versions are in circulation.  Most users will have had some kind of training from somebody along the way. In clinical trials it is especially important to ensure that everybody follows the same proceeses, the same guidelines, and the same glossaries - this is called standardisation. Lastly, it is important for clinical studies to show that their clinicians have undergone training and  standardisation. We apologise in advance if you need to take the training again for another study !


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3. BLIPS Support

BLIPS Support


ADS-Limathon have a small but highly specialised technical team, numbering just three people, all managers. This team have done everything there is to do with BLIPS and BILAG assessments. This team designed the software, they wrote the code, they tested and validated the software. They developed the hardware systems, they tested them, they benchmarked them. This team of three have, between them, 40 years experience in BLIPS and 35 years experience of using it in clincal trials. They are all qualified in IT Service Delivery, and/or Project Management. When you call or send an email to our TechSupport, all three managers will see the email. The Technical Support Manager will own any issue and will provide resolution. The other two managers will be engaged as necessary. The point is, we dont use a call centre, you wont converse with a call logger, it wont be passed to somebody else, whatever the issue you have raised, your email has gone directly to the person who knows the answer, or can investigate it for you.  For the more clincal questions, where necesssary, we have a direct line to all the professors in BILAG.


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avatar "When you choose to work with ADS-Limathon, you dont get third party support -
you get three extra members in your team."