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Welcome to i-BLIPS.com


BLIPS™ was designed and developed by ADS-Limathon in collaboration with BILAG, the British Isles Lupus Assessment Group. BLIPS is the only computerised version of the BILAG Index which is approved and validated by BILAG. It is exclusively licenced by ADS-Limathon Limited.


In 1996, the original BLIPS™ product was released, as desktop software, exclusively for two UK lupus clinics.

Over the course of the last 20 years, BLIPS has iteratively evolved from desktop, to network and finally into software-as-a-service. BLIPS is now a complete hosted system, based in an enterprise-class data warehouse in the UK, and hosted on secure dedicated physical servers,BLIPS 8™ is currently accessed by over 3000 users, at 1177 clinical sites in 43 countries.  BLIPS manages over 250,000 clinical assessments of 6200 patients worldwide. And all of them scored are consistently by the same software algorithm.

BLIPS is no longer just BILAG - it has expanded to offer almost 50 different assessments and standardised analyses for disease activity, damage, and quality of life. It has its own online training package and exam system to ensure everyone is standardised, not just in a study, but globally. The training includes standardisation in lupus assessments, and in correctly utilising the software applications, and interpreting the results. This ensures that everyone shares a common understanding, uses the same definitions, and obtains standardised outcomes, globally.

Whether you are running a clinical trial, a research study, a national lupus registry or just a single clinic, BLIPS offers the one complete solution for Rheumatology or Auto-immune Assessment, which can be tailored to your precise requirements.